Elite 3E Apps


Elite 3E Applications To Enhance Your Elite 3E System


Performance SMS

Performance Testing Application for Elite 3E

Performance SMS is the first application to hit the market that can measure Elite 3E performance before going live or upgrading. The product allows the firm to populate the system with a complete set of test data and run the system through it’s paces once that data is loaded. Furthermore, the system performance can be measured by loading in large amounts of data to ensure the system can perform as expected.

The product can also be used to setup development, training or testing environments and quickly populate the system with a full set of data. This ensures the system is loaded with a complete data set and live firm data does not need to be used. For example, if you need to test 3E and don’t want to use live firm data due to privacy rules, Performance SMS can quickly load that data into a new instance for testing or training.


SMS Connect

BizTalk Replacement for Internet Connectivity

SMSĀ  Connect allows you to quickly and easily connect third party systems over the Internet to exchange data with Elite 3E. Need to connect a records system from a third party vendor across the world? No problem! Connect has the ability to quickly and seamlessly exchange data with Elite 3E. For example, let’s say your third party vendor needs to check to make sure a client matter number is valid and pull the matter description into their system, SMS Connect can handle this without any programming or configuration.

SMS Connect Examples:

  • Connect third party system over the Internet via HTTPS to exchange client matter information
  • Your Cloud-Hosted records system needs to pull attorney information from your matters
  • Your document management system needs to pull documented related information from 3E


SMS Rates

Rate & Rate Exception Analysis For Matter Budgeting

SMS Rates allows you to quickly and easily report on firm standard and exception rates with our full 3E rate package. Show all rates and rate exceptions in one location to review and analyze. Setup a notification to email you rates and rate exceptions automatically on demand or on schedule. This package gives you powerful Elite 3E tools to see all rates and exceptions in one location without the need to lookup each rate individually. Tool allows you to plan and review matter budget as well.


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