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Sign up to receive an exclusive guide with information worth thousands of dollars. The information in this report will cost you thousands in consulting fees if you hire a consultant to tell you the same thing in this guide. This report contains HIPPA secrets, how to pass a HIPPA audit, what to do if you receive a HIPPA notice, and more. Mr. McCarthy shares secrets of HIPPA after 10+ years of dealing with HIPPA compliance and audits. This report contains straight forward information if you fall under HIPPA. If you are a business that stores electronic patient records or transmits them, you fall under HIPPA and must comply. Non-compliance can cost you up to $1,500,000 million even if you do nothing! The government is starting to make HIPPA enforcement a top priority and record numbers of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are being audited by contracted government agencies. The government knows they don’t have the resources to audit in mass so they are contracting with third party firms to handle thousands of audits at one time. It is not if you will be audited but when.

About the author: Scott G. McCarthy is the Director of SMS IT Group in Los Angeles, CA. Mr. McCarthy has been performing PCI and HIPPA audits for well over 9 years. He has a 100% pass rate and has never failed an audit to date. Mr. McCarthy has worked with everyone from small doctors’ offices, Fortune 500 Corporations, and law firms. He has successfully passed PCI audits for both law firms and corporations and some of the world’s largest banks. Mr. McCarthy can be reached at sgm@smsitgroup.com or at the SMS IT Group at 213-222-5182.

This is not a scam and the information is extremely valuable. It contains the equivalent of about 8 hours of a HIPPA consultant speaking with you and providing you advice. It contains charts of fines, classifications of fines and amounts, civil and criminal charts by category and recent fines, case detail, amounts, and direct links to the case with the penalty details. Never has such a concise guide been presented or put together. I guarantee you will understand how HIPPA works and what to do if you are an organization that falls under HIPPA. I doubt you will find a more concise and informative guide anywhere else as Mr. McCarthy is one of the leading authorities on HIPPA and other audits.

Mr. McCarthy recently performed an audit for a large bank that has a blue and red logo and scored the highest ranking of all consultants that submitted an audit. The bank was absolutely amazed at the level of detail contained in the audit, the presentation and remediation plans presented. Scott McCarthy can tell you about his experience if you would like to meet with him and discuss your HIPPA needs.

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Does HIPPA Apply To My Business?

Ask these questions:

Do I store patient information electronically?

Do I ever send patient information via email, through software, through the Internet or other means (IE. Website)?

Do I have any computer systems systems that hold ANY type of patient information including a patients confidential information (IE. Name, Phone Number, Medical Records, Address, Driver's License, Etc)?

Even if my patient information is stored on paper, do I ever scan and save the paper or scan and email/fax to an attorney, other doctor or business?

Do I receive email from other people that contain confidential patient information? Do I ever receive faxes with this information?

If you answered YES to any one of those questions, you fall under HIPPA and must have a HIPPA plan in place.

Does The Size of My Business Matter?
Absolutely not. You can be a 2 person office and the same rules still apply. Whether you are 600 people or 1 person, the rules still apply and you need to take the same action. With that said, a 2 person office will have a much simpler HIPPA plan compared to a 600 person firm.
What About Fines?
Fines are the same for small or large companies. 2 person companies can face the same fines as a large law firm. Ignoring HIPPA doesn't make it go away just like ignoring your taxes. It will just get worse and worse.
Does HIPPA Compliance Cost A Fortune?
Absolutely not. The 1st HIPPA plan does take some time to put together but the cost is based on the complexity of your firm, the number of employees and how much remediation is required to comply. In some cases, HIPPA compliance can be achieved pretty quickly.
You Sound Expensive!
Then you have it wrong! We are one of the more reasonably priced HIPPA firms out there. We help our clients achieve HIPPA compliance, fix HIPPA issues, and stay compliant for a very reasonable fee. Often times, we can provide a flat rate price so you don't have to worry about the number of hours spent to complete your plan or fix your issue. We definitely are not the cheapest because we believe in delivering quality work, however, the end result of what we deliver will last you much longer than other plans by other companies and will provide you with much greater value for the money invested. We can provide references to back this claim up!
How Do I Know You Deliver Quality Work?
Two ways - 1st, speak to our references and 2nd we can show you actual HIPPA plans we have delivered to other clients. We will meet with you and provide an initial consultation at no charge to make sure we are a good fit for your needs.

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