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HIPAA and PCI Compliance: SMS Is Truly Full Service

SMS IT Group is one of the few firms that is both a compliance and IT company. Why is this so important?  Because most of HIPAA and PCI compliance centers around properly configured and implemented IT systems. With its skill set, SMS IT Group can not only deliver a plan, the firm can provide the technical expertise required to comply with all the HIPAA/PCI rules. SMS IT Group has consultants with 15+ years compliance experience and 20+ years IT engineering and consulting experience. With SMS, there is no need to hire a separate compliance and IT firm. SMS IT Group can deliver everything required for HIPAA and PCI!

Why SMS IT Group?

SMS IT Group is based in Los Angeles California and are experts with HIPAA compliance and services. Whether you need a complete plan to ensure your firm is compliant or need to pass an audit, SMS IT Group can help with your HIPAA needs. We also offer training, complete compliance services (including Information Technology), can update existing plans, change business processes to match your plan, and much more. SMS IT Group can make your company completely compliant at an affordable price. We offer every service needed to ensure full compliance.

Scott McCarthy, the Director of SMS, oversees each and every audit to ensure your firm passes your audit the 1st time. Mr. McCarthy has a 100{ce92d213718bf382776617a85d6b0fddfd46b8b53e7ce8d6080f3edcd619f511} success rate and has never failed an audit whether it was for law firms, medical practices or corporations. In addition to his track record, Mr. McCarthy has helped firms who initially failed their 1st attempt (without the help of SMS) pass once SMS is involved. SMS has also been able to help firms out of complex situations including improperly completed HIPAA forms with incorrect information.


Why Is HIPAA Compliance Important?

HIPAA and PCI fines can be huge and costly. Each HIPAA violation or incorrectly filled out field on a form can easily cost $40,000 or more. HIPAA and PCI compliance is not something you want to risk. As HIPAA is a federally enforced mandate, the government has the authority to levy huge penalties and even shut down your business. A failed HIPAA audit can open your business up to a nightmare of bureaucracy and monetary penalties you want to avoid at all costs. Besides the penalties, HIPAA and PCI are more than just passing audits. They are both comprehensive rules of operation for your business and staff.

Even if you pass a HIPAA or PCI audit, you are required by law to keep logs, continually train employees and stay in compliance until next year’s audit. If you don’t follow your plan, it can be even more difficult than the 1st audit. SMS IT Group helps pass the audit and puts simple procedures in place for your firm to follow and trains your staff so that you avoid a more complex audit the next year.

pci-complianceSMS IT Group will not only ensure you pass your audit but will put the proper documentation, processes and training in place to ensure you easily pass each subsequent audit. Remember that auditors have the right to come on site and inspect your business at any time. If you pass your HIPAA audit and ignore the plan, an auditor can check on your business months later to find you are in violation and fine you or cancel your audit.

How Can SMS IT Group Help My Business?

Because we are both a compliance firm and IT company, we are able to deliver every service you need to complete a plan, implement the plan, improve your business processes and ensure ongoing compliance. We are experts at every aspect of HIPAA / PCI compliance and can ensure your business stays compliant throughout the year. Contact us today and we will prove you with a free onsite evaluation and a complete analysis and recommendation to make your business compliant.

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