IT Security Consulting Services


IT Security Consulting Services

Just one single breach in your network can cost your business $300,000 on average according to IBM. Because data and proprietary information has become so valuable these days, you need to ensure your data and network is well protected. Recently, Home Depot suffered a massive breach of customer credit card information. Just the damage done to Home Depot will be in the millions not even counting the goodwill damage to their brand name. You cannot take chances with your security these days.

SMS IT Group specializes in IT security including firewalls, IDS, audits, software (commercial and open source) and many other IT related security services and products. We have built and support security products for both some of the largest and smallest organizations in Los Angeles. Whether you need a small business firewall or a worldwide deployment, SMS IT Group can deliver exactly what you need on time and on budget.

pa4020_herol_hrWe also specialize in many open source products that give you the same results as the commercial counterparts but cost a 1/3 of the alternatives. SMS has deployed many open source firewall products to both large and small companies with tremendous success as well as commercial grade firewalls and products.

SMS IT Group also has the ability to deploy and support more traditional products such as antivirus for desktops and email systems, anti-spam products for the same as well as full end point scanning systems and appliances when you require the most strict security products on your network. SMS also has the ability to program your existing devices to lock down open network ports or automate the end point process as needed. We are experts in email security which includes anti-spam technologies for your email system as well as TLS encryption.

We offer products for firms with both large and small security budgets and can deliver anything from free open source solutions to large commercial solutions with higher end features and functionality. If you need an IT-related security solution put in place or maintained/upgraded, contact SMS IT Group today to discuss your needs. We can offer multiple solutions to your issues and give you a multitude of choices.

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